Leigh Ashlind Klemmer

Art Director 

I love creating, adventure, bourbon, Calvin & Hobbes, and keeping life minimal. I was born just north of Detroit, in the Maritime Capital of the Great Lakes, Port Huron, MI. – also the birthplace of Thomas Edison. I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee with my wife and daughter – and I still can not embrace country music. In my early 20’s I moved to San Diego, CA, playing music and spending the greater part of my 20’s living in vans/buses touring the country drumming for different bands while also being a band liaison for a nonprofit called Invisible Children. (Random fact: I lived such an extreme minimal lifestyle that I didn’t own a bed for nearly 7 years.) While my professional career started over 15+ years ago, I’ve since worked with many different companies, industries, and agencies.  When I am not pushing pixels behind a computer, I will most likely be riding my bike, traveling, trying to find treasures at the flea market, or jumping off cliffs at the nearest swimming hole.

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A few of the great people I have had the opportunity to work with.