Client: Asurion
Project: Pitch video + leave behind
Agency: GS&F

Notes: Asurion® is like having an ace in your back pocket – by purchasing an extended warranty through them to protect any electronic you own, they will take care of you if anything goes wrong with it. They are a great company with a great service, which was really exciting when Amazon® approached them with an amazing opportunity to made a bid to take over all of the extended warranties for every electronic product sold on their site. I was brought in to concept and art direct a short 2 minute video to pitch to Amazon, that showed their service, the easy ways to access it, and how a warranty is fulfilled. I was also commissioned to come up with a creative item to leave behind after the pitch – which we landed on an old school 3D Viewfinder. The reason we landed on this was to promote the idea of ‘looking into the future’ with all the possibilities Asurion could offer Amazon. The 3D Viewfinder included a customized box and a customized reel that displayed a message of anticipation for a planned 2nd meeting, where Asurion would reveal a service called ‘Asurion Home’.

Outcome: Asurion was awarded the account and is now the sole warranty service available on Amazon. It was a huge win for everyone involved.