Client: Discover the Journey
Project: Information Cards

Notes: This project consisted of seven info cards to represent Discover the Journey’s campaign on seven child injustices in the world. Once I was given the photography, I knew instantly that the cards needed to be image heavy because the photos were that compelling. Which meant it was really important for the design to not compete with the photos, while enhancing the photos at the same time. I took a lot of my inspiration from old 35mm film negatives, which were often displayed in thin white cardboard sleeves with think boarders, Because of these thick white boarders, it created so much ‘negative space’ that it would really made the negatives come alive. I used this concept on this project and really felt as though the same effect applied. My thanks goes to the 80′s for not only being a great decade, but for also introducing me to 35mm film negatives in white sleeves.