Client: Liberty Investment Properties
Project: Logo Design, Branding, Website

Notes: Creating a new logo and rebranding a business can be incredibly tedious. Long hours of sketching, resketching, and sketching over your sketching – until finally, you find a solution that fits. It is a brain racking process, but it is so fulfilling when you finally find a solution that works. This was one of those times that left me feeling great about the final product. Liberty Investment Properties invests in hospitality and self storage buildings, and after being in business since the late 1980’s, they wanted to redo their logo and branding to represent what they do best: Investment Properties. After a endless number of sketches that didn’t work, I finally found one that did – by using the basic shape of an ‘L’ (to throw a plug to ‘Liberty’), I used that to build a outline of a 3 story high rise building – to represent the properties they invest in. It deemed simple, strong, easy to read, and gave a solid image of what they represent.