Client: Spendship
Project: App Design, UX/UI

Notes: Spendship is a mobile app platform that would allow users to become advocates of their favorite brands by sharing items they purchased and earning commission for doing so. I was really excited to be apart of this startup early on and design the first version of the app – as we went through the steps of sketching the idea out, to building wireframes, and finally designing it out and putting a face to the idea. The structure of the project was to make 2 separate apps: 1) Made for the consumer – where advocates of a brand could search promotions, buy products, and follow a real-time news feed of activity with their friends. 2.) Made for brands – where they can track the activity of their advocates, promotions, shares on social media, and a number of very useful demographic stats of how their advocates are using their product.


SpendshipWirerame2 SpendshipPhoneMockup