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Generous.Life approached Avaliis seeking a new website to revamp their brand and engage their audience more effectively. Faced with the challenge of an outdated online presence that hindered their outreach, we stepped in. In just four weeks, we created a visually elevated website and implemented a strategic approach that not only educated visitors about the nonprofit’s mission but also inspired involvement. The result was a transformative website that not only enhanced Generous.Life’s brand but also fostered a deeper connection with their community.


Working with an outdated website that:

  1. Did not cultivate their brand 
  2. Lacked clear messaging and clear call-to-actions (CTAs)
  3. Didn’t educate their traffic on the impact of their mission


While exploring countless ways to position their strategy, we took a brand-focused approach that accomplished 3 goals: education, involvement, and transparency.

To achieve this, we moved them off Squarespace and created a fully customized site built on WordPress. We expanded the brand by pushing it in a direction that would appeal to their targeted audience – by elevating it to gain legitimacy.  Additionally, we became very focused on educating their audience on what they do, why they do it, and how much of an impact they are making.

Our efforts not only contributed to a higher conversion rate, but also created a new standard for the brand across its many assets and placements.


Whenever we get the opportunity to help people who help others, it always becomes one of the most rewarding projects for our team.

This is what Generous.Life said about their experience working with us:

"Avaliis took our credibility and catapulted it - as the positive feedback keeps pouring in! Collaborating with Avaliis was the best I’ve worked with; their speed, efficiency, and genuine commitment to perfection were truly commendable. I am not just satisfied; I am absolutely blown away!"
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We have built some extremely complex CMS setups, worked with countless third-party plugins, built crazy solutions, and are trusted by some huge companies all over the country.

We believe so! WordPress is not only the most used CMS for building websites but has all the capabilities you need to succeed online without all the headache that comes with other platforms.