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Serial entrepreneur, Dustin Hillis, needed a facelift to his personal brand and website that would elevate and represent him in a way that would match his clientele.  


Dustin Hillis is one of those people who is investing his time into a million different things. As a serial entrepreneur, he is always adapting, evolving, and staying on top of the latest business trends – his personal brand needed to reflect that as well. 

He came to our team with a website that was not only outdated and hard to update, but it didn’t showcase his skillset, accolades and his leadership in the field.


It didn’t take long for us to see that Dustin was a diamond in the rough. We noticed very quickly that his previous website was severely under-representing him. 

Our solution was to apply the right strategy to showcase his outstanding resume in the entrepreneurial space, create and reintroduce him under an elevated brand, and build enormous amounts of trust equity through showcasing his achievements and awards.

By leveraging this strategy to narrow focus and attract his ideal audience, we fast-tracked his personal brand to obtain new speaking engagements, qualify his roles in new ventures, and establish him as a leader in the entrepreneur space.


Here is what Dustin Hillis said about his experience working with us:

"Collaborating with the Avaliis team to re-invent my brand and website was a great experience! The seamless blend of creativity and strategic thinking resulted in a brand identity that truly reflects my vision. The team was very intentional in crafting a tailored strategy to enhance my business opportunities. The result? A captivating brand identity and website that not only resonates with my audience but also actively elevates my entrepreneurial journey. Huge thanks to the amazing team for turning my brand into a vibrant representation."
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Dustin Hillis
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